Our Story

Have you heard that old saying… ”If only you could bottle this….”

One sunny day, sitting on the dock at the lake, we were counting our blessings and watching the kids and grandkids play, and that phrase went through my mind. A few minutes later, a waft of fresh lake air and wildflowers came through, and I realized, “well, maybe I can…”

I've been a big fan of essential oils for many years, and have made my own blends for various uses - blends to relax and sleep better, to feel more energized, to repel bugs ;)  It was a natural progression to start using safe synthetic aroma notes to make a more complex fragrance. Numerous courses, blending labs, and self study classes later, I started doing some craft projects with my grand-daughters - a fun way to incorporate a little math, chemistry, and creativity. A Day At The Lake started out as a outdoorsy, fun scent  and we included grapefruit essential oil, nootkatone, and hedione because they are natural mosquito repellents.

As time went on, through our travels and adventures, I became more and more aware of the scents that made up memorable events and locations. Shopping our small town downtown districts, wine tasting in the hill country, Texas wedding celebrations, and evenings at some of our favorite event venues. Scent, like music, can transport you back to a happy memory, time and place. That was our goal. Numerous formulations later, we have created a product line that celebrates some of our favorite places.

We hope you love them.