Essential oils in our fragrances

Essential oils in our fragrances

We use a combination of essential oils and synthetic molecules to create complexity and depth in our fragrances. They each play different roles – essential oils provide a strong initial scent and aromatherapy benefits while synthetics extend the wear and add custom fragrance notes. One of our favorites is Grapefruit oil:

Grapefruit – grapefruit essential oil provides an uplifting scent and has been cited in some studies as having a beneficial effect on anxiety and mood. In addition, it is recommended by many to repel bugs and mosquitos 😊

Grapefruit essential oil has been said to reduce appetite, reduce blood pressure and help alleviate stress when used in proper dosage amounts. We just know it smells great, and gives our fragrances a happy, lively note. 

Try it in our cheery fragrance, Shopping The Boutiques.

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