Can a perfume improve your mood?

Can a perfume improve your mood?

YES!   Scent is a powerful sensory tool that can absolutely affect your mood. There are many anecdotal stories about the use of aromatherapy and mood – but there is also quite a bit of scientific data that supports this. It has to do with scent receptors, the brain, the olfactory bulb and the limbic system.

Like many people, you may have observed firsthand how the power of scent can impact your moods and well being.  Research tells us that one of the ways to lift your spirits is to use fragrance to trigger happy memories.

Citrus oils are one of the most common ways to boost your mood.; scents from your childhood or from happy memories are another sure fire way to change your outlook. We use grapefruit, bergamot, and lemon oils to help bring a happy and fun feeling to our scents.

If you are looking to lift your spirits and boost your mood, try any of our upbeat and lively fragrances. 

Shopping The Boutiques, in particular, uses a high concentration of natural oils to give it an energetic vibe.  It was blended to evoke a memory of a happy spring day visiting the shops.

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